Booting God out of politics?

Ok… for those who live to respond to political blogs, here’s your opportunity.  There won’t be many of those opportunities with me because I simply do not discuss politics much; not because I don’t care or am politically passive, but because (as cliché as it may sound) my trust lies not in man but in God’s sovereign plan.  Nonetheless, actions at the recent Democratic National Convention and the response by many Republicans and others compel me to share my thoughts.

Most of you know what took place; the Democrats officially omitted “God” and “Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel” from their platform; then, in what appeared to be an “uh oh” response, they moved to reverse that decision, probably thinking it was not a wise political move.  I think the Democrat powers that be assumed that all would be well if they voted to replace the language, but they were surely surprised when the vote wasn’t nearly as positive as they assumed it would be.  It was actually difficult to determine which way the vote went!  It was ruled positive although many disagreed.  From that moment on many Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, etc., were appalled at the humanistic actions of the Democrat party.  News story after news story featured Republicans snarling at and mocking the Dems as if to say, “See!  We are the party of God!” or “God is on our side”. 
Here’s my take on it (I’m sure you’ve been waiting with baited breath).  Those of you that know me may be surprised but I commend the Democrats!  Let’s face it; the Dems were simply being true to what they hold to.  Yes, they may have seen the political hand writing on the wall which made them vote to place the language back in their platform, but those who voted against adding it back in were merely being honest, which is admirable.  I simply appreciate honesty. 
On the other hand you have the Republicans (of which I happen to be one).  It seems to me as if the Republicans strive to claim themselves as the party of God; holding to the mindset that if you are for God then you must be a Republican…don’t make me puke.  If that’s truly the case, then which God are we talking about?  When’s the last time you heard an official of any party, including and maybe foremost the Republican Party, pray at an event; not only pray, but pray in the name of Jesus.  They know they would pay a huge political price for doing such; so most of them try to sound somewhat religious by acknowledging “god” without offending anyone.  So, what’s more honest, taking God out of your official platform or claiming to be the party of God while watering God down to be whatever anyone wants Him to be?  On this I side with the Democrats…did I really just say that?!?!?

I point this out to make a couple of points. First, don’t place your trust in a political party! Second, don’t place your trust in a political party!  Yes, this includes Libertarians (amazing…I know)!  Again, I’m certainly not saying to be politically passive, I’m simply saying that if you trust in a party that takes God out of their platform, then places it back in for political gain, or if you trust in a party who is pseudo spiritual or moralistic alone then you are simply foolish. 

Final word…This is to those who claim to be Christians…vote for the party of your choice, one that will help Americans get to work, protect us, and protect the Constitution, but trust in God alone.  And if your team loses, relax and let God handle it…He is capable (even without Ron Paul). 
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