Supper Time and Preaching

blog picMy parents raised three boys in a culture that was quite different than today. My brothers and I had no “devices” to contend for our time; rather we would spend the majority of the day outside running, riding bicycles or horses, shooting BB guns, playing army, etc. We ruled not only our neighborhood, but the entire community, which we considered our kingdom. Very rarely did a day go by that we didn’t make our rounds throughout our kingdom, making sure there were no potential threats to our regime. But this type of activity was exhausting and as the active hours went by, surely made young fellows awfully hungry!

By the end of the day my brothers and I always expected to hear my Mom’s sweet, but authoritative voice calling loudly from our front porch, “Timmy, Joey, Randy…SUPPERTIME!!” It seemed to us that the entire world could hear her calling. Immediately we would stop what we were doing and run toward home, like horses headed back to the barn! We knew that our Mom had been working diligently, selecting a recipe, preparing, setting the table, and anxious to serve what she had prepared. Even as we ran home we could almost taste what she had cooked. She always had the tastiest meals. Sundays were exceptionally good! Her Sunday specialty was Fried Chicken. I can’t tell you how many Drumsticks were secretly swiped from the kitchen before she had finished the rest of the meal! We just couldn’t wait!! Another favorite of mine was my Mom’s “Chicken and Rice”. She would steam the chicken, cook white rice, and pour the grease from the chicken over the rice… my mouth is watering just thinking about it!!

Not only did her meals taste incredibly good to us, they were good for us. They helped us grow properly, and helped us to face the strenuous activities that faced us each day. Also, she LOVED preparing and serving these meals to her children! We were her children, she was responsible for us, she loved us, she knew eating well was good for us, and she  worked skillfully and diligently to develop a desire in us for good, healthy food. She was super satisfied to see us running to the table and consuming the meal she’d prepared, then watching us grow into men, in part because of those meals. The same holds true for my wife, and I’m sure for anyone else that regularly prepares meals.

She also got very frustrated and even upset when we showed a lack of interest in her meals. If we were late to the table, showed a lack of desire for her food, didn’t eat well, etc., it would make her visibly dejected and obviously sad. In her wise mind if we didn’t eat well, and have a healthy desire for her meals something was wrong.

I’m a pastor now. A huge part of my responsibilities as a pastor is preaching and teaching God’s Word. I often think of the similarities in my Mom’s meals and the sermons I prepare and preach and lessons I teach. As a shepherd to my flock it does my heart good to see the sheep I am responsible for desire the Bread of Life that is served to them. When they come to the table on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings desiring God’s Word with great anticipation, I could not be more happy…and happy for them, because my “children” are eating well.

I know, just like my Mom knew, that when my children eat well they will grow well. They will be able to live this life well, in the good times and the bad. They will be able to face the strenuous days, months, and years ahead of them . When I see my sheep excited about the meals that have been prepared I am extremely satisfied, knowing the result will always be positive.

On the other hand, when my “children” show little interest in the meals I prepare, my heart is broken. My heart is broken because I know they need to eat, and eat well in order to give God glory and, “…grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

Here are some things we all should do as Christians in regards to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word:

  • Pray for a strong desire for God’s Word
  • Make every effort to feed on God’s Word regularly
  • Refuse for anything to keep you from Sunday Morning an midweek Scripture meals
  • Read God’s Word regularly… the more you read the more you will desire to be fed

When the preacher serves up God’s Word this week, show up, listen up, eat up, and grow up in God’s Word!

But he answered, “It is written,

“‘Man shall not live by bread alone,
    but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” -Matthew 4:4

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